Today's Mission:
Attic Ventilation & Maintenance

What's Up In Your Attic?
Letting your Home Breathe Easy

  • Atmox® Controlled Ventilation System
  • Insulation - Remove & Install
  • Gutters & Drains - Repair & Redirect
  • Pest Eliminiation

Heating Up and Cooling Down

Poorly installed insulation
costs you money!
A quick check of your attic can reveal many common problems. Misplaced or old insulation, broken bathroom vent pipes, blocked gable openings, leaky flashing, clogged gutters, downspouts and more.

The attic space above your home is exposed to extreme temperature change. Attics need airflow and proper ventilation. A controlled ventilation system will extend roof life and prevent common structural repairs such as wood rot and roof damage.

Continuous high humidity levels
can lead to mold and mildew.
Mold and mildew build-up can cause odor throughout your home. It can also serve as an allergen for those at risk of respiratory illness. Simply drying or de-humidifying an attic, crawl space or basement will not remove or prevent the development of mold and mildew.

Proper insulation coupled with controlled ventilation will extend the life of your roof and reduce energy costs.
Gable, Soffet and Ridge Vents can allow too much "bad air" in to the attic.
Freezing temperatures, excessive heat and mosture can lead to many problems such as ice dams, wood rot and roof failure. Controlling the flow of air year round will help prevent many of these common problems.

We use the structural openings already built into your home to manage the airflow in your attic. Soffets, Gables nad Ridge Vents can be utilized to control the flow of air into and out of your attic, saving energy and preventing costly repairs.

What about the air that is coming in from the outside through your Gable vents, Soffets and Ridge Vent openings? Humidity, heat and airflow all combine to affect moisture build-up and absorption into the roof joists, sheathing and insulation. Our Atmox® system eliminates moisture build-up, controlling the air in and around your attic.


Control the air control the moisture

The Atmox® Controlled Ventilation System monitors the humidity levels in your attic. By removing unwanted moisture, Atmox® helps prevent many attic problems. This system is an energy efficient and cost effective alternative to large noisy, costly and inefficient gable or overhead fans.

The Atmox® Controlled Ventilation System is a series of low voltage DC powered fans & humidity sensors designed to move out the moist "bad air" and move in the clean dry "good air".

Atmox® measures the dew point inside and outside your attic to determine when the fans should bring in "good air" and blow out the "bad air". If the air outside is too humid, the system does not turn on. When the air outside is better than the air in the crawl space, the system turns on to circulate the drier air.

House Rangers® only uses Atmox® electronic control units, sensors and fans. We minimize the use and waste of materials by properly installing, insulation and essential equipment only as needed or recommended.

We will also test your drainage mitigation — "how the moisture is driven away from your home", by evaluating gutter placement, drains and landscaping.


A Cost Effective Controlled Ventilation System

  • Manages humidity and temperature levels.
  • Prevents build-up of mold and mildew.
  • Prevents heat build up in warmer conditions extending roof life
  • Controls airflow in cooler months preventing ice dams and frozen air issues
  • Prevents odors associated with high moisture levels.
  • Prevents wood rot due to excessive moisture levels in wood.
  • Prevents intrusion of pests attracted to moisture and rotting wood.
  • A fraction of the cost of gable fans and overhead vents.
  • Lower energy cost than continuous operation of a larger inefficient fan units.
  • No chemicals = no odor JUST AIR!
  • Digital monitoring system and low voltage circuitry is easy to operate.
  • Fans and Sensor components produce virtually no noise!!!
  • Full 3 year warranty on all fan components & electronics.